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Ways to Look for a Technical Co-founder

Starting a tech-business can be daunting for those non-tech people and it is always worth the while looking for somebody with technical ability and merit to join your venture. The problem lies in where to look for them, how to convince them to go ahead and where to go from there. Let’s start with the basics, and that is where to look.

Start Early, and Close to Home

Most people who end up with a start up have dreams of doing so long before they even come up with the germ of an idea. Even if you have an idea, it is worth stepping back a little way, and beginning from the point before you had that idea.

Next, you need to start talking to people; start with friends, family and other contacts, find out what their skills are and imagine they were putting something into your future venture. Pretty soon you will find that some people are more interesting than others when it comes to being considered as potential partners. Once you have these people earmarked, get more detailed with them. Tell them you have a germ of an idea, and see if they are interested. You will be surprised how often people react positively to being asked their opinion, and to being given the chance to input.

Make an Effort to Learn

You might not be technically savvy, but you can learn the basics. Read books, take online or other seminars, enrol in courses and learn about coding, and about other aspects of the technical side of the business. Most importantly, learn about what alternative aspects do, where they fit into the cycle, and what they can bring to you. If you can talk to people with a little bit of knowledge, and let them know you have made some form of effort, you will be much of much more appeal to potential co-founders.

Pre-empt your business

Displaying authority in the field that you are looking to operate in gives a good impression. By using blogs and other social networking sites you can create an image of authority and knowledge in the chosen field, and this is something that will appeal to the technical brigade. They like to see that the other guy, the non-tech guy, has actually made an effort, and will prefer that to the usual ‘I want you to do this bit’ stance.

Be prepared to pay

Expertise does not come for free, yet some people looking for a technical co-founder forget that they are employees too. Make sure you have the resources to pay them from the off, and make sure you work with them to give them a package that will be worth their while in the future.

Put simply, finding a technical co-founder is about garnering respect from someone whose knowledge, expertise and ability you need in order to make your business work. If they know you have made the effort on your side, they will be more likely to want to help you.

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