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An Idea is Just an Idea; It’s the Execution that Counts

Any people have a fantastic idea, one that is original, unique and appears to have a future as a business, but what happens next? Let’s assume you have found the finance, everything is in place and the business is ready to go. The most important part is yet to come – it’s how you execute the idea that matters.

An idea will never progress as it was originally conceived

There are many reasons why this is so, and one of them is that an idea will never progress as it was originally conceived. You have to refine an idea, make it workable in the commercial world and bring it into line with reality. Many people, however, want to stick so rigidly to the original, brilliant idea that they fail to realise the need to refine it for business use.

This is why it is important to invite more people into your business circle, to consider that you might not be the one to execute the idea to the best degree. The innovator, the inventor, is not always the best manager as he or she does not have the relevant skill set. Being able to think up something original and innovative is not the same as being able to run a team who are there to make the business work.

Being able to hand some or all of the management reins to another is a difficult move to make, especially when the original spark was yours, but it is an essential part of separating the idea from the execution.

It’s the execution that makes the difference between success and failure

Making an idea into a properly formed business is something that takes a certain set of skills and abilities, and with help on hand you can draw on the experiences of another who may know more about that part of the project than you.

Ideas are the bedrock of original businesses but they are only the formative part. There is far more to the commercial side of it than a simple idea. Make sure that you take all the advice you can about moving an idea forward, as it is the difference between success and failure.

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